The Garden

We moved to Weirford House in 2001 and at that time there was no garden, just a blank field and a very overgrown fishpond. We have created the garden you see now, including the two wildlife ponds, the stream flowing down the garden, the rose arbour and the courtyard garden. The garden is approximately 1.5 acres and the meadow is 2.5 acres - it certainly keeps us busy! We have gradually improved the drainage in the meadow and are encouraging wild flowers to return by sowing yellow rattle to help stunt the grass. This has encouraged hundreds of Marsh Orchids to establish themselves naturally on the field. You are welcome to explore the garden and meadow. We have identified over fifty varieties of birds and have Moorhens breeding on the ponds. If you are very lucky you may see the Kingfisher perched above the pond in the field.

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Courtyard door
Garden Barn view
Sculpture by the garden pond
The stream
The terrace garden
Milk churn in courtyard
woodland view
The courtyard
The fishpond
The garden in the snow
Garden long view
Our neighbours
Ragged Robin in the meadow
Daisy - one of our Burmese cats
Our copse in spring
Flower pot man
Owl sculpture from Garden Barn
Burnet moth in the meadow
small Copper Butterfly in meadow
Marsh Orchid
Camellia on the courtyard
Camellia flowers
Daffodils in the copse